Reusable with proper sterilization and is versatile for use
in various occupations with exposure concerns.


1. Made of PETG material used in fabricating face shields, visual merchandising, retail displays, graphic arts market and fabricated parts that require high clarity and impact resistance solutions.


2. Versatile - Designed to fit brimmed Hats and visors as a personal shield against small flying debris, airborne particles and minor abrasions.


3. Attached directly onto the brim of the hat, the shield can be installed in 30 seconds.


4. The CV-19 personal shield comes with a strap attachment.


5. CV-19 is Fog – Resistant and easily cleaned with soap or water. The shield is resistant to most liquid cleaners. Once cleaned, it can be reused.


6. The shield is 100% recyclable.


7. Cost effective, less than the cost of two N95 face masks. SUBSTANTIAL SAVINGS!


8. Designed to help reduce the spread of airborne transmissible viruses including COVID–19, SARS, Flu, etc. When personal distancing is unavailable.


Excellent for interior or exterior use for: contractors, retail associates, personal services staff, waiters/waitresses, health and beauty, estheticians, sales teams, education professionals that require the use of a safety shield during close proximity to customers.


Industries include:

     • Construction and Infrastructure

     • Restaurants and Food Services

     • Education Professionals

     • Food and Agricultural

     • Transportation and Delivery

     • Health and Beauty

     • Retail and Sales

     • Entertainment and Hospitality

     • Manufacturing and Distribution

     • Environmental and Safety

     • In-Home and General Services

     • Personal Services Businesses


Essentially for anybody who requires a clear line of sight and the use of a safety barrier when social distancing is unavailable.